Asolo bed & breakfast

Our rooms are authentic oasis of silence that will guarantee you restful nights of sleep, and the next morning you will forget the anonymous breakfasts typical of modern lifestyle, you will leave behind the sad habit of the coffee cup caught on the fly … at Cornolere Farm Breakfast is an art, a tradition, a passion.

You must rediscover the first, fundamental meal of the day, give it the right importance and devote it all the time it deserves: you can not remain insensitive to the aromas that will arouse your awakening, in the perfumes coming from the kitchen you will know how to distinguish the good, the natural, the authentic . We are in the hills near Asolo, Castelucco, Possagno.

Absolutely genuine products, homemade breads and biscuits, homemade jams wisely obtained by seeding the fruits directly from the plant.
For guests wishing to dine or dine, the Forner family offers the chance to enjoy the best specialties in its trattoria, which is only 100 meters from the farm.